Simon King Robin Care Pack Brown

Simon King Robin Care Pack Brown
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The Brushwood Robin Nester is an original design By Simon King

The Brushwood finish allows the Nester to be hidden easily amongst foliage, or as an eye-catching focal point in a garden

A habitat that is tailored to the nesting habits of the species

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Robin care pack provide winter shelter and roosting space for your garden birds during harsh winter Weather. This cosy space can be a lifesaver for robins, wrens, wagtails etc, enabling them to save essential body fat and energy reserves. Included in the care pack is a jute gift bat With 200g of premium bird food containing mealworm treats (but no cheap Wheat). perfect for ground feeding robins and other garden species such as Dunnocks. In springtime your rooster becomes a nester again, so ensure it is tucked Away in Ivy, shrubbery or foliage.
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